Professional fire safety consultancy gives you the additional peace of mind you need to protect your business. While you may have a basic understanding of fire safety, working with professionals helps ensure you meet standards without mistake. Finding a fire safety consultant near me, wherever your local area may be, is vital for getting a fully professional service.

1st Choice Fire Protection Services deliver fire consultancy and safety services to Scottish businesses. We are also a registered member of the UK Fire Association and regularly provide business owners with guidance and support in their fire safety provision.

Fire Safety Consultancy to suit your Business

Every business is unique, and their fire protection provision should be the same. Furthermore, working with each individual client we ensure our services are tailored specifically to your needs. Different industries have different standards. Therefore, your premises size, business activities or personnel may all impact the fire safety provisions and risk assessments you need in place.

Our range of fire safety consultancy and protection services include:

Fire Equipment

We can support your business in sourcing the correct fire equipment for your needs. We can supply you with all the vital fire detection, protection, and even firefighting equipment where necessary. The equipment we provide helps to ensure your business complies with the Fire Scotland Act.

Fire Safety Education and Training

All organisations need to provide their employees with adequate fire safety training. We can offer your business a range of professional fire safety training. Professional training helps ensure your employees have the training they need to work safely. It also ensures they act quickly in the event of fire and are confident in the right protocol.

Fire Risk Assessment

It is a legal requirement to have a fire risk assessment in place in most organisations. To ensure your premises is adequately protected against fire, you should also regularly review your risk assessment. Our services include fire risk assessment. Furthermore, our highly trained specialists will carry out a full assessment of your premises and provide recommendations for improvements where necessary.

Fire Safety Consultant Near Me in Scotland

1st Choice Fire Protection Services is based in the Scottish Borders. We provide high level bespoke fire safety services to businesses across Scotland. Whatever you require, our experts work with you to find the right solution and ensure your business’ continued safe operation. Contact us today to discuss your business needs.