Every Scottish business is required to meet the requirements of the Fire (Scotland) Act 2005. It applies whether that business is a shop, a care home, a restaurant or a school. It also applies to community halls and public buildings. The Act aims to ensure companies keep their staff, customers and visitors safe. Likewise, they are responsible for any local residents.  This is why it is important to buy fire extinguishers in Scotland and have other fire safety equipment in place. Companies must:

  • Complete regular fire safety risk assessments
  • Ensure staff receive fire safety training
  • Hold regular fire drills
  • Ensure good housekeeping (keeping areas clear of rubbish).

Most importantly, however, companies must have the correct fire-fighting equipment.

Fire Extinguisher Requirements

The fire extinguisher is perhaps the most important piece of fire-fighting equipment. Most companies will probably have these on-site. However, not all companies have the correct extinguishers. Where they do, they often don’t have enough.

For example, all new fire extinguishers must comply with BS EN3:1996. As fire extinguishers should be replaced every five or ten years, this shouldn’t be a problem for most companies. It’s surprising, however, how many businesses don’t replace fire extinguishers when they should. As a result, they have older equipment that no longer works correctly.

Similarly, companies should have fire extinguishers that meet the needs of their businesses. These include:

  • A water extinguisher for wood, paper and cloth
  • A dry powder or foam extinguisher for flammable liquids
  • A CO2 extinguisher for electrical fires

Again, many companies don’t have the right fire extinguishers for the work they do, which could result in significant damage if a fire broke out.

Where to Buy Fire Extinguishers in Scotland

If, as a business owner, you don’t have the right fire-fighting equipment or aren’t sure, you should arrange for a visit from a fire safety specialist. Contact 1st Choice Fire Protection on https://1stchoicefire.co.uk to order the right fire extinguishers today!