Fire equipment is a compulsory requirement for businesses across Scotland. At 1st Choice Fire Protection, we provide the range of fire safety equipment Scotland needs to ensure its businesses are fully protected. There are several laws which enforce fire safety in Scotland and the right equipment is vital to comply with them.

The regulations for fire safety in Scotland include as the Fire (Scotland) Act 2005 and the Regulatory Reform Order. The right equipment is vital to ensure your business is protected. We offer a range of equipment designed to suit businesses across the country but it is hard to know what you should invest in. We’re here to help and below is a closer look at the essential fire safety equipment Scotland needs for its businesses to be compliant.

Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are a vital piece of firefighting equipment. Scottish legislation also states that you must provide suitable products to fight fires on your premises. Therefore, most businesses will need to invest in fire extinguishers. However, some larger, high-risk businesses may choose hose reels or sprinkler systems too. Businesses that have a lot of hazardous waste or chemicals may want to invest in a larger scale fire safety setup and it may also be a good idea for high-risk businesses such as restaurants where fire is necessary for cooking throughout the day.

With fire extinguishers in the workplace, there are some specific compliance needs that you must follow, including

  • An annual fire extinguisher test
  • Maintenance by a named ‘competent person’
  • Industry standard certification for all extinguishers

The range of extinguishers on the market means you should speak to professionals such as ourselves to ensure you get the right type for your business.

Additional Fire Safety Equipment

There are other fire safety equipment options that your business may need. Fire safety signage is also an essential element of your fire safety setup. Signage includes fire action notices, so people know what to do in the event of fire. Other signs include fire exit notices, so people know their closest escape route. Similarly, If you have a fire alarm, then fire alarm call point signs are mandatory. Fire extinguisher signs are also necessary to explain what the extinguishers can be safely used for.

Other essential fire equipment in our range includes trolleys and stands to keep your extinguishers in and alarm systems so you can be immediately aware, across your premises, should a fire break out.

Essential Fire Safety Equipment Scotland from 1st Choice Fire Protection

If you are unsure about the fire equipment you need then speak to our experts. At 1st Choice Fire, we offer help and advice as well as fire risk assessments. Get in touch with our team today.