Scotland has very strict laws for fire safety. Business must undertake appropriate risk assessments and have the correct equipment. This can include fire alarm installation Edinburgh. Edinburgh has seen an increase in deliberately set fires recently. From 2018 to 2019 there was a 100% increase in the number of incidents. With this in mind, it is essential to make sure that your business and property are adequately protected.

What Are The Rules?

The rules are different for residential and non-residential properties. 


In a non-residential property, a full risk assessment must be carried out. If there are more than five employees, then the risk assessment must be held onsite. The size and layout of the building will determine if fire alarms are necessary. In most situations where there is more than a single room, an alarm will probably be needed.

Residential Properties

Rental properties and hotels are subject to new rules which came into force in 2019. You have until February 2021 to be sure that you comply. These new rules say that you need to have a linked smoke and fire alarm system. These systems need to be connected. The link can be via wired or wireless systems. This will require smoke alarms in the most used room in the house as well as each circulation space on every floor. There must also be a heat alarm in the kitchens.

Getting Fire Alarm Installation Edinburgh

If your business needs fire alarm installation Edinburgh, then you should contact 1st choice fire. You can arrange a no-obligation site survey. The fire technician will identify what your needs will be. The company carries out risk assessments which are required by law. They can then ensure you have the right sort of alarms in the correct locations to protect your property and your employees.