At 1st Choice Fire Protection Services, we supply, install and maintain fire alarms Edinburgh for businesses, homes and premises across Scotland. We use the latest technology and innovative techniques to provide your property with the highest level of protection. While fire alarms Edinburgh use the latest technology, did you know that fire alarms date back to 1658?

History Of Fire Alarms

The first fire alarms were not machines, but in fact, humans. In 1658, gentlemen in New York were paid to walk around their designated areas looking for fires. They would be armed with buckets on ladders in case they could spot and put out a fire. However, they were still fire alarms as they have bells to ring which served as a warning in the community for people to evacuate.

By the 1800s, fire alarms had become more developed. Instead of individuals ringing bells in warning, bell towers were installed and used in cities to warn people of a fire nearby.

In 1852, the telegraph system was used to raise the alarm of fires. The system consists of two alarm boxes with a telegraphic key. People in neighbourhoods could use the system to warn others in the community. When a person releases a key, it sends a message to the central alarm station. The station would then get in touch with the fire department.

In the late 1800s, electric fire alarms systems were in place. The first types use a thermostat to detect heat. A high heat triggers the sprinkler system to hopefully put out the fire. From then, fire alarms have gone from strength to strength in providing adequate warning and saving lives.

Looking For Fire Alarms Edinburgh?

1st Choice Fire Protection can help you to find the perfect fire alarms Edinburgh to suit your needs. Our consultants offer site visits in order to work out what the best fire alarm system is for your facility. If you have a question about fire alarms Edinburgh, get in touch with 1st Choice Fire Protection today.