Employers have an obligation to protect their employees, and visitors to their premises, from the risk of fire. The fire assessment report Scotland businesses invest in helps to ensure they have the best practices in place. 1st Choice Fire Protection Services specialise in supporting businesses with their fire protection requirements. We can support your business with fire risk assessments and fire assessment reports. 

What does the law say about Fire Assessments?

The Fire (Scotland) Act 2005 lays out your duties as an owner, manager or employer operating a commercial premises. It is your duty to ensure fire risk assessments are in place and regularly carried out. The findings of the risk assessments are central to your business’ fire safety standards, processes, and protocols.

The Fire Risk Assessment Process

At 1st Choice Fire Protection Services, we follow a five-step process for risk assessments. This ensures we can make a full and comprehensive evaluation of your business’ premises. It also ensures we can provide a detailed report with recommendations on how to protect your staff from the risk of fire. Here are the five steps we cover:

  1. Identification of the people at risk from fire. This will include employees and visitors. We also assess for escape capabilities. Some people may be at higher risk due to limited mobility or similar.
  2. Identification of fire hazards within your premises. This will include potential sources of ignition such as fuel, oxygen and combustibles. We also assess your fire doors and their effectiveness.
  3. Evaluation of risks and current fire safety measures. We use Risk Reduction Principles to ensure risks are avoided or minimised where they cannot be fully removed. 
  4. Record the fire risk assessment information. In some circumstances this is required by law. The legally essential information includes the findings of the Fire Risk Assessment and measures put in place as a result of the findings.
  5. Regularly reviewing the fire risk assessment. Regular reviews help to ensure your risk assessment is up to date. They are also a good idea if there has been a big change to the structure or use of your premises. 

Your Fire Risk Assessment Report Scotland

A fire risk assessment is your opportunity to improve your business’ approach to fire protection and safety. Our experienced team can help make recommendations and suggest suitable changes if you find there are holes in your current approach to fire safety. 

You can book a fire risk assessment with 1st Choice Fire Protection Services today and we will be in touch to book in and assess your premises.