Fire extinguishers are a vital part of any company’s health and safety toolkit. They are something businesses need to have. Firstly, it is a legal requirement. Secondly, they ensure the safety of staff and visitors. As a result, they need to work correctly. This is where fire extinguisher maintenance Scotland comes in.

There are different five types of fire extinguishers, each for different purposes. Companies need to have the right ones on-site for the work they do. Likewise, they also hold responsible for correctly maintaining their fire extinguishers. This requires an annual service check. In addition, they need to:

  • Check there are no obstructions
  • Are clearly visible to staff and visitors
  • Have a tamper-proof seal.

Responsibility for Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Scotland

A Health and Safety Officer (or a person with appropriate training) is responsible for checking for obstructions etc. However, a qualified Engineer must complete annual service checks, which will mean speaking to a company that specialises in fire safety. 1st Choice Fire Protection, for example, has a team of engineers working across Scotland. Moreover, they are certified by the UK Fire Association to carry out service visits and checks. As a result, companies can be confident their fire extinguishers are in good working order at all times.

Fire Extinguisher Compliance

Engineers will check whether the fire extinguisher:

  • Is in date
  • Is in good condition
  • Has a tamper-proof seal
  • Is the correct weight and pressure
  • Has a pin and hose that works
  • Has legible instructions.

Annual checks must be completed to comply with UK law. Therefore, it is vital annual checks are completed by an Engineer with a BAFE qualification or equivalent.

Therefore, if your company hasn’t had your fire extinguishers checked in the last year, it’s time to get this done. Visit 1st Choice Fire Protection on to find out how to book a service check today.