Ensuring you have the right fire protection in place is vital for all businesses. This includes your provision of fire extinguishers. There is a wide range of fire extinguisher options and it is vital you have the right ones to deal with the types of fire most common at your place of work. At 1st Choice Fire Protection we support businesses with their fire safety and help you understand the best fire extinguisher options for your premises.

Fire Extinguisher Options

There are five main types of fire extinguisher to choose from. Let’s look at them each in turn:


Water is probably the most common kind of fire extinguisher. They are perfect for dealing with combustible organic materials including paper, wood and fabric. Water extinguishers are unsuitable for electrical fires and can make the situation even more dangerous. This type of fire extinguisher comes in a range of different types: mist, jet, spray and water with chemical additives. Water extinguishers have a red label.

Dry Powder

Dry powder extinguishers are considered amongst the most useful multi-purpose choices for many work environments. They can be used for many different types of fire. The fire fighting mixture in this type of extinguisher is a combination of dry chemicals and compressed nitrogen. The nitrogen forces the chemicals out and help to stop the fuel from reaching an oxygen source and the fire spreading further. Dry powder extinguishers have a blue label.


Foam fire extinguishers are another popular multipurpose choice for many types of workplace. There are different types of foam extinguisher and if they have passed a 35kV conductivity test, the foam can also be used on electrical appliance fires. The extinguishers use a foaming agent which creates a barrier between the fire and fuel. The foam is also an effective cooling agent. Foam extinguishers have a cream label.


CO2 fire extinguishers are the most effective choice for electrical fires. They work by displacing oxygen the fire needs to spread and continue burning. The oxygen is pushed away, therefore the carbon dioxide is able to smother the fire. CO2 extinguishers have a black label.

Wet Chemical

Wet chemical fire extinguishers are most suitable for organic combustible materials and cooking oil fires. They use potassium which reacts with cooking oils and forms a layer preventing the oxygen from reaching it and spreading. The wet chemical also has a cooling effect. Wet chemical extinguishers have a yellow label.

The Right Fire Extinguisher Options for your Business

You may have a clear idea of the correct extinguisher to purchase for your business. You may need a range of different options in different areas. 1st Choice Fire can help ensure you have the right level of protection. Get in touch today.