For many businesses in Edinburgh, fire extinguishers form a fundamental part of their fire safety plan. However, many organisations forget that it is essential to maintain fire extinguishers with a fire extinguisher service in Edinburgh.

At 1st Choice Fire Protection Services, we offer fire extinguisher servicing across Edinburgh and the Scottish Borders to ensure your fire extinguishers are safe and in full working order.

What’s included in an annual fire extinguisher service Edinburgh?

A basic service should be carried out on fire extinguishers once a year by a qualified engineer. However, throughout the year, fire marshals or an appointed person should routinely check the fire extinguishers for external damage and to ensure the needle of the pressure gauge is in the green area.

During an annual fire extinguisher service by 1st Choice Fire Protection Services, their qualified engineers will run a series of checks that are in accordance with the British Standards 5306-3. Within the standard, the tests stipulated include;

  • Visual inspection of damage or corrosion
  • Checking the pressure gauge reading
  • Ensuring the extinguisher has not been tampered with, and the safety seal is in place
  • Weighing the extinguisher
  • Remove and inspect the discharge hose for damage, corrosion and blockages

If there is a 10% drop in weight, the engineer will investigate and recharge the fire extinguisher. However, if there are further problems with the extinguisher, then the engineer may determine that it is unfit for use and remove it from service. If this occurs, 1st Choice Fire Protection Services will ensure you have a brand-new replacement fire extinguisher.

The meticulous servicing and replacement of fire extinguishers give peace of mind to users that in the event of a fire users will have the correct equipment to tackle a small fire as long as it is safe to do so.

Extended fire extinguisher service Edinburgh

After five years, pressurised extinguishers will require a more detailed service to ensure they are still in perfect working order. This type of service is required for foam, water, wet chemical and powder fire extinguishers. During an extended fire extinguisher service in Edinburgh, our experienced and qualified engineers will discharge and refill the extinguisher as well as calibrate the fire extinguisher to ensure it has the right pressure.

Once serviced, the label will detail the chemical specification and the date that the service took place.

Servicing for fire extinguishers in Edinburgh and the Scottish Borders

1st Choice Fire Protection Services can not only provide the fire extinguishers in Edinburgh that your business needs. They will also maintain them according to their service dates. If you want to check that you have the right fire extinguishers in place and that they are all serviced accordingly, then get in touch with the team at 1st Choice Fire Protection Services.