Fire extinguishers are one of the most critical pieces of fire safety equipment. It is a requirement to have appropriate fire safety equipment on site at businesses. For many companies, this means installing fire extinguishers. However, just having fire extinguishers in place does not mean your business is adequately prepared to tackle fires. Fire extinguishers need maintenance. This is why 1st Choice Fire Protection offers fire extinguisher servicing Edinburgh.

What is fire extinguisher servicing Edinburgh?

Fire extinguisher servicing is something that all businesses need to prioritise to ensure they are adequately protected in the event of a fire. The servicing of fire extinguishers comprises of three main aspects;

  1. Weekly

While it is not a service, a dedicated staff member should conduct a weekly check to ensure that all fire extinguishers are in the right place and free from damage. Furthermore, you can document the weekly test to show good fire safety practice and be a positive practice in your fire safety plan.

  1. Monthly

As well as the weekly check, a monthly inspection is also invaluable. A responsible person should complete the monthly check. In the monthly check, the responsible person should ensure the fire extinguishers are in the correct place, unobstructed and clearly visible. The check should also make sure the extinguisher is free from damage, functioning and the pressure gauge is accurate. It is also essential to make sure the tamper indicators are not missing.

  1. Annually

Having an annual fire extinguisher service is wise. 1st Choice Fire Protection conducts fire extinguisher servicing Edinburgh. During this our trained, competent technicians will thoroughly check the fire extinguisher to make sure it is in full working order. Furthermore, if any issues occur, we will be able to replace the extinguisher to maintain your high fire safety standards.

Time for your fire extinguisher servicing?

If it’s time for your annual fire extinguisher servicing Edinburgh, then get in touch with 1st Choice Fire Protection to arrange your appointment.