Having fire equipment such as fire extinguishers is essential in the workplace. However, if you do not maintain and service fire extinguishers regularly, then you are putting yourself, others and premises in danger.  While you may hope that you never have to use a fire extinguisher, you need to make sure it will work if you need to. This is why 1st Choice Fire Protection offers fire extinguisher servicing in Edinburgh.

Why your business needs fire extinguisher servicing in Edinburgh

Ultimately, our fire extinguisher servicing in Edinburgh is to make sure that your extinguishers are in good working order. If they are in excellent condition, then they will be able to help tackle fires, where possible. If fire extinguishers are not maintained, then they may not serve a purpose. Furthermore, they will not help you in the event of a fire.

A fire extinguisher service will help to;

  1. Ensure the right pressure

Fire extinguisher servicing in Edinburgh makes sure the extinguisher is fully loaded and ready for use. Our technicians will ensure the container has the correct pressure so that you can use it in the right range for complete safety and maximum efficiency. Checking the pressure will mean you have a full range of spray when it comes to using.

  1. Replace unsafe or damaged containers

Fire extinguishers may suffer corrosion or damage. If the tank has dents, rust, corrosion or damage, then it may not work effectively. During a 1st Choice Fire Protection fire extinguisher servicing in Edinburgh, our technicians will check the container thoroughly. If there are any signs of damage, then we can replace the equipment.

  1. Change locations

As businesses change their layout, your extinguishers may not be located in the best places. During a fire extinguisher servicing in Edinburgh, our team can help to assess the floor plan. From there, they can advise you on the best locations for your fire equipment.

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