Construction sites are dangerous places. There are lots of fire hazards on work sites. Making sure there are the right fire extinguishers for construction sites in Scotland can save lives. To do this, they must be properly located and maintained

Laws about Fire Extinguishers for Construction Sites in Scotland

The requirements for extinguishers on any given site will be different. It is necessary to have the correct types of extinguishers for the materials that are in use. In some cases, this might mean you need to have up to four different types of fire extinguishers.

It would help if you had fire extinguishers at each storey exit. They should be clearly marked and easy to spot. They should also be correctly maintained and serviced.

If anyone is carrying out hot work, they will need to have an extinguisher on hand.

Who is Responsible for Fire Safety on a Construction Site

A lot of people bear some responsibility for fire safety on site. This includes clients, designers and contractors. The designated responsible person, usually the employer, has a duty to check and fire precautions undertaken. One of the best ways to do this is to use the services of a fire protection company. If you don’t think about fire prevention on a daily basis, there are things you can be unaware of or easily miss. A professional can ensure that you are complying with law and that everyone is safe.

What Next

If you need fire extinguishers for construction sites in Scotland then you need 1st Choice Fire Protection Services. 1st Choice Fire is an experienced company based in Scotland who will assess your needs and provide you with the fire protection equipment you need, and ensure you are fully complying with the law as well as protecting your workers.