To stop of fire from spreading and posing a more serious threat to your organisation, fire extinguishers can be a great help.

At 1st Choice Fire Protection, we offer a range of different fire extinguisher equipment in Peebles and across the Scottish Borders to ensure you can tackle many types of different fires when it is safe to do so.

Fire Safety (Scotland) Regulations

For any organisation, it is essential to comply with the Fire Safety (Scotland) Regulations that are designed in accordance with the Fire Scotland Act. Ultimately, the goal of the act is to ensure that people are safe from the harm that a fire can cause.

This means that organisations need to put the appropriate measures in place to reduce the risk of a fire. As well as this, businesses need to ensure the utmost safety in the event of a fire.

What fire extinguisher equipment does my business need?

At 1st Choice Fire Protection, we can conduct a fire review of your business and premises to ensure you have to most appropriate fire extinguisher equipment to suit your needs.

One of the most helpful pieces of extinguishing equipment for businesses and homes are fire extinguishers. However, fire extinguishers should only be used by trained and competent personnel. There is a variety of fire extinguisher to suit different types of fires. These include;

Water extinguishers

Water extinguishers are a cost-effective fire extinguishing tool. They are designed to tackle solid material fires. These include fires caused by textiles, paper and wood. There are different types of water extinguishers including sprays, mists and jets. Water extinguishers are not for use on live electrical equipment.

Foam extinguishers

These types of extinguishers should be used for solid material fires and fires caused by flammable liquids such as diesel, oil and petrol. The foam solution seals the surface of the fire which helps to starve the fire of fuel. Foam extinguishers are not for use on flowing liquid fires.

Carbon dioxide extinguishers

Carbon dioxide extinguishers are ideal for premises with a high amount of electrical equipment and are safe to use for electrical fires. They extinguish flames by cutting off the air supply. Carbon dioxide extinguishers can also be used on flammable material too.

Other extinguishers include wet chemical extinguishers which are designed for cooking fats and oils and powder extinguishers which can be used on a range of fires but can have adverse health effects.

Supplying the right fire extinguisher equipment in Peebles and surrounding areas

At 1st Choice Fire Protection, we will work with your organisation to determine your needs and the types of fires that may affect your premises. We will then be able to supply your premises with the right number and types of fire extinguishers. We also offer fire safety training so that you have people in your team that are competent to use the equipment.

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