When it comes to fire safety, fire extinguishers play a significant role in helping to control and prevent the spread of fire. For commercial buildings, fire extinguishers are a key component of fire equipment in the Fire (Scotland) Act 2005 and the Fire Safety Scotland Regulations 2006. To ensure your business remains compliant with fire equipment, 1st Choice Fire Protection provides fire extinguishers in Lothian Scotland.

Why are fire extinguishers important?

For most people, they are aware of the red cans on the wall but are rarely considered. However, fire extinguishers are essential to everyone. They are your first defence in a fire situation. Furthermore, they can help to limit the spread of fire and the damage and devastation that fires can cause.

In fact, studies have shown that fire extinguishers have an increasingly important role in commercial buildings.

In 88% of cases, portable fire extinguishers tackle fires and extinguish them before a greater problem takes hold. You can consider a fire extinguisher as a first aid for fire safety. They enable you to tackle small fires when it is safe to do so.

When you can control the spread of fire in 88% of cases, having fire extinguishers that are functioning and present can protect lives, businesses and buildings. At 1st Choice Fire Protection, we can ensure your business has fire extinguishers in Lothian Scotland.

As well as providing fire extinguishers in Lothian Scotland, we also offer fire extinguisher servicing in Lothian and across Scotland. This annual service helps to keep your business compliant with fire safety legislation and makes sure your fire extinguishers are always fully functioning

Looking for fire extinguishers in Lothian Scotland?

If you want to update or service your fire extinguishers, then get in touch with 1st Choice Fire Protection to arrange your free consultation and site survey.