There are many ways your business must protect itself against fire by law. The right protective equipment is essential, and the fire extinguishers Scotland requests from its businesses are just part of what is expected to keep premises safe. Fire safety in the workplace is governed by The Fire (Scotland) Act 2005 and the associated Fire Safety Scotland Regulations 2006. How do these laws relate to your businesses fire extinguishers, and do you have enough in your business?

Minimum Fire Extinguishers Requirement

The U.K.’s fire extinguisher standards recommend you should have at least two “Class A” extinguishers on every storey of a building. Class A extinguishers are used to put out wood/paper fires and come in various sizes. The only excuse for not having the required number of extinguishers is if they may cause a hindrance to escape.

As well as having the right number of fire extinguishers, the law also requires business owners to maintain them to the appropriate standard. Portable fire extinguishers in the U.K. must be serviced and held to the correct standard by a “Competent Person”.

Your fire extinguishers should be regularly checked, and if any need replacing, you should contact your fire equipment provider. 1st Choice Fire Protection specialises in providing businesses with all their required fire protection equipment and firefighting equipment such as extinguishers. We also provide fire extinguisher maintenance and servicing to ensure your equipment meets the required standards. All our maintenance services comply with the current British Standard 5306 Part 3 (2009).

We provide the highest standard of fire extinguishers to businesses across Scotland. Our portable fire extinguishers are kitemarked, and our equipment also has B.A.F.E (British Approvals for Fire Equipment) approval.

Fire Protection Equipment from 1st Choice Fire

In addition, to fire extinguishers Scotland’s businesses require additional equipment in some instances. This equipment ensures extra protection and defence should a fire break out. Our safety equipment range includes:

  • Fire signage and safety signs
  • Fire blankets for extinguishing
  • Fire/intrude alarm equipment
  • Trolleys and stands for extinguishers

Stay Safe with 1st Choice Fire

1st Choice Fire Services work with Scottish businesses to ensure their premises are as safe and protected as possible. We work with you to ensure you comply with all Scottish safety legislation and fire regulations and help protect your premises in the event of a fire. For more information and to discuss how our business can help yours, please get in touch today.

Photo by Piotr Chrobot on Unsplash