The current situation in Scotland is evolving but 1st Choice is still providing fire protection during Covid-19. Our Customers and their Insurers still need to provide Fire Safety measures to their employees and property.  We want to reassure our customers that we are still providing our services.

Our Services

Fire Equipment

We ensure you are supplied with all the necessary firefighting equipment in your building.  This means you are able to combat a fire should you need to.  You are also compliant with the Fire Scotland Act.

Fire Safety Training

We don’t just supply and fit first-class, fire safety equipment.  We also offer you and your staff a range of professional and controlled fire safety training.

Fire Risk Assessment

To ensure that your premises are safe, our services include undertaking a Fire Safety Risk Assessment on your premises.  This is implemented by experienced and highly qualified personnel so you can be certain of the best service possible.

We continue to provide all of these services and ensure you have fire protection during Covid-19.

Advice for Fire Protection during Covid-19

The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service is urging business owners and duty holders to review current measures.  They encourage businesses to ensure social distancing and protection measures do not impact fire safety during the lockdown. They advise taking steps to ensure the risk of fire within your business or premises is reduced and you comply with fire law.

1st Choice Fire Protection Services work within all current guidance and law.  Therefore we can continue to provide fire protection during Covid-19.

About 1st Choice Fire Protection Services

Protect your property and business premises with our dedicated and professional fire safety services covering Scotland.  1st Choice Fire Protection Services is one of Scotland’s leading fire protection companies and offers businesses a range of fire protection products and services.

We provide a bespoke service that is tailored to your needs. We offer a free no-obligation on-site survey for all your fire protection needs, from portable fire extinguisher supply and annual maintenance to fire risk assessments.

Contact our expert team today to ensure you have fire protection during Covid-19.