For every business, you want peace of mind that the right health and safety measures are in place. By undertaking a fire risk assessment, you can understand the potential risks to your business and premises. As well as explaining risks, a fire risk assessment Edinburgh will also offer the best suggestions for you to improve your fire safety measures.

Does your business need a fire risk assessment?

According to the Fire (Scotland) Act 2005 and the Fire Safety Scotland Regulations 2006, all businesses need to have responsibility for fire safety. The regulations stipulate that there must be a ‘responsible person’ for fire safety. Furthermore, there is a legal requirement for UK businesses to undertake a fire risk assessment.

To comply with fire safety legislation, your business needs a fire risk assessment. What’s more, the assessment must be completed by a ‘competent person’. At 1st Choice Fire Protection, we can conduct fire risk assessments in Edinburgh and throughout the Scottish borders. With our fire risk assessment, you can be closer to complying with the current fire safety legislation.

The benefits of a fire risk assessment Edinburgh

For business in Scotland and across the UK, there is a legal requirement for an up to date fire risk assessment. As well as being required by law, fire risk assessments offer benefits to your business too, including;

  1. Safeguarding lives

A fire risk assessment will point out missing fire safety measures which can help to safeguard people in the premises, in the event of a fire. Fires can have devastating consequences; a risk assessment can go a long way in protecting lives.

  1. Protect your premises

While we may know the furniture within the building, not many staff members will know about the building construction. By employing an expert to conduct a fire risk assessment, they will know the fire safety measures you need to have in place based on the structure and materials of the business premises.

  1. Show care to employees and public

By conducting a rigorous fire risk assessment and improving your premises based on the advice and recommendations of the fire risk assessment, you can show a commitment to fire safety. The public and your workers will have greater faith in your business and your commitment to putting their lives first.

Book your fire risk assessment in Edinburgh

If you need to conduct a fire risk assessment in Edinburgh, then 1st Choice Fire Protection can carry out the assessment. Using our expertise, we can offer friendly advice to help improve your fire safety measures. Book your assessment today by calling 0131 603 7327.