For businesses, a fire risk assessment is a legal requirement. It works to identify potential hazards of both the building and the business. As well as analysing the structure, it also goes further to understand the activities that take place on site and how they can add to the risk of fire. At 1st Choice Fire Protection, we conduct fire risk assessment Scotland for all Scottish businesses.

Why do you need a fire risk assessment Scotland?

All businesses in Scotland must conform to fire legislation. A fire risk assessment is not only essential for legal purposes, but it works to minimise the probability of the event of a fire. The fire risk assessment can help your business to understand the measures you can put in place to prevent a fire. It can also provide you with an exhaustive list of what steps you can take to minimise danger.

It is essential that a ‘competent person’ completes the fire risk assessment. At 1st Choice Fire Protection, we have a team of trained and qualified assessors. We can conduct fire risk assessment Scotland for all types of business. Whether it is an office, nightclub, church, café, train station, restaurant or manufacturing plant, we can help you with fire risk assessment needs. Remember, your fire risk assessment is not optional. Law requires ir. Our team can ensure your business remains legally compliant.

Can I Complete A Fire Risk Assessment Scotland In-House?

The only requirement is that a fire risk assessment Scotland must be completed by a ‘competent person’. Many people believe this means that anyone in the business can do it. However, without the right level of knowledge, training and understanding of the Fire Scotland Act, you may be putting your business at unnecessary risk. Without a trained assessor, you may risk having completely inadequate fire safety measures.

Book Your Fire Risk Assessment Scotland

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