Scottish businesses have to abide by a range of laws relating to workplace safety and fire safety. Your premises must be safe for you, your employees and visitors. To ensure that your sites are safe, our expert teams can work with you to ensure you have the right risk assessments in place. The Fire Risk Assessment Scotland and its businesspeople need to consider must ensure the premises are safe and protected against the risk of fire. Our team attend your property and assess its current fire safety level before recommending changes or improvements.

1st Choice Fire Protection Services establish what kind of activities take place there and the risks of a fire occurring. In addition, we will also review the harm that the activities could cause. Furthermore, we will take the time to understand your business and its needs.  Understanding your business and how to help you achieve legal compliance is at the heart of our service.

Legal Measures Fire Risk Assessment Scotland

Scottish law asserts the “Responsible Person” is liable for fire safety on business premises. The “Responsible Person” is usually the business owner, operator or manager. The most important legislation to consider when thinking about Scottish fire safety is:

Fire (Scotland) Act 2005

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005

Fire Safety Scotland Regulations 2006

Within this legislation you will find the requirement that all UK businesses undertake regular fire risk assessments. These assessments identify risks on your premises and the actions necessary to mitigate these risks.

Understanding Fire Risk Assessment

A Fire Risk Assessment usually follows a five-step process. It allows our experts to make a full evaluation of how to protect your premises from the danger of fire.  This process is clearly laid out so you can easily see the steps involved.  We keep it simple to comply with the legislation and create safe working environments. Our five-step process is:

  1. Identify people at risk from fire, including employees and visitors
  2. Identify fire hazards within your premises
  3. Evaluate the risks and assess existing fire safety measures
  4. Record the fire risk assessment information. In certain circumstances these findings must be recorded by law.
  5. Review the Fire Risk Assessment at set intervals, usually at least once a year.

We can work alongside your business to regularly check and audit your fire safety assessments and ensure you remain compliant.

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1st Choice Fire Protection Services specialise in fire safety and preventative services. Our teams work to ensure your assessments are effectively carried out and remain compliant. We can also remind you when it’s time to review and return to carry out any additional audits you require. We are experts in fire safety and train regularly to ensure we are following the latest legislation, so you have complete peace of mind.

For more about our services, please contact us so you can speak to our expert team.