Protecting your employees and visitors to your business should be a priority for all business owners. The right fire risk assessment Scotland businesses access will ensure you have appropriate protections in place against the risk of fire. We are specialists in supporting Scottish businesses with their fire safety. At 1st Choice Fire Protection Services we help Scottish businesses carry out their fire risk assessment to the required standard. We can also work with you to make the necessary adjustments and changes to become compliant.

Legal Measures for Fire Risk Assessment Scotland

Scottish law asserts the “Responsible Person” is liable for fire safety on business premises. The “Responsible Person” is usually the business owner, operator or manager. It can also be a manager trained to a suitable level or with a high level of responsibility. There is a range of relevant legislation to keep in mind, both specifically in Scotland and all across the UK.

Within this legislation you will see that it is a legal requirement that all UK businesses undertake regular fire risk assessments. A fire risk assessment is an effective process for identifying any potential risks and hazards on your premises. Understanding the risks is vital for putting the right protections in place. Furthermore, we can also use the risk assessment to ensure your business is well protected and complies with all legal requirements.

Understanding Fire Risk Assessment

When we work on fire risk assessments for our clients, we carry out a specific five-step process. This ensures a consistent service for all of our customers. It also allows our experts to make a full evaluation of how to protect your premises from the danger of fire.  This process is clearly laid out so you can easily see the steps involved.  Our five-step process is:

  1. Identify people at risk from fire – this may include simply your employees but could include visitors, customers and other third party individuals.
  2. Identify fire hazards within your premises
  3. Evaluate the risks and assess the suitability of existing fire safety measures
  4. Record the fire risk assessment in a written report.
  5. Review the assessment at the most appropriate time. Reviews should take place at least annually.

We support our business clients with staying compliant and meeting the requirements of the fire safety legislation. We also highlight how important fire safety is as part of your duty of care to your employees.

1st Choice Fire Protection Services for Fire Risk Assessment Scotland

1st Choice Fire Protection Services can support your business with its fire protection and prevention in many ways. We specialise in compliant resources and services to help your business meet its fire protection needs. We’re always available to ensure Scotland’s businesses have the right protections in place and know how to mitigate fire risks with their fire risk assessment. Contact us today to discuss your needs.