For businesses with more than five employees, it is a legal requirement to have a documented fire risk assessment. The organisation should regularly review and update the fire risk assessment as necessary to make sure it is up to date. To conduct a fire risk assessment Scotland, you need a competent person. The competent person may be in your team or a contractor such as 1st Choice Fire Protection.

Fire Risk Assessment Scotland in five steps

At 1st Choice Fire Protection, we have years of experience and trained experts who conduct fire risk assessments for businesses across Scotland. Like all risk assessments, there are five main steps in our risk assessment process;

Step one – People

The first step of a fire risk assessment Scotland is to determine who is at risk. This will include people that enter the premises such as employees, contractors, visitors and customers. During this step, it is essential to consider why people may be at risk and if there any special measures to take into consideration.

Step two – Hazards

This section will cover the aspects of the fire triangle. The assessor will identify the sources of oxygen, fuel and ignition in the premises.

Step three – Risk

This is the most detailed and lengthy stage of the assessment. The assessor will cover all of the risks to evaluate the potential for fire. Aspects include risks such as;

  • Regular fire drills
  • Steps to reduce the risk of fire
  • Staff knowledge and awareness
  • Ways fires are detected
  • Number of fire extinguishers and signage
  • Escape routes
  • Tests and maintenance.

Step four – Record

The assessor will record all significant aspects from the first three points.. These will help to make it easier to know how and if there are any required improvements. Records will also assist as proof to enforcing authorities. Furthermore, the assessment will show what steps you have taken to control the risk of fire.

Step five – Review

Fire risk assessments will usually outline actions to take. It will also, therefore, provide a basis for regular reviews. The period of reviews will depend on the likelihood of fire and the intensity of risk.

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