To ensure that your premises are safe, our services include undertaking a Fire Safety Risk Assessment on your premises, this is implemented by experienced and highly qualified personnel.

We will establish what kind of activities are carried out there, and the potential, if any, for a fire to occur and the harm it could cause.


The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and in Scotland The Fire (Scotland) Act 2005 and the associated Fire Safety Scotland Regulations 2006 places responsibility for fire safety on the Business Employer, Manager or Owner as the “Responsible Person”. The legislation also stipulates that it is a legal requirement for the majority of UK businesses to undertake a fire risk assessment, which will identify fire hazards, people at risk and actions to be taken.

It is the Responsible Person’s duty to ensure the fire risk assessment is carried out by a “Competent Person” – someone who has had sufficient training and has good experience or knowledge of fire safety.

We can assist you to comply with the latest fire legislation.

What Is a Fire Risk Assessment?

A Fire Risk Assessment follows a 5-step process allowing us to make a full and thorough evaluation on how to protect you and your staff from the danger of fire.   We will:

  1. Identify people at risk from fire, including employees and visitors. We will also assess their capability to escape from a fire, as those less abled may potentially be more at risk.
  2. Identify fire hazards within your premises including possible sources of ignition including fuel, combustible materials and oxygen. Reducing unattended ignition sources and combustible materials that could come into contact with each other helps to reduce the chances of a fire starting.  We will also assess the suitability of fire doors within your building.
  3. Evaluate the risks and assess existing fire safety measures on your premises. Using Risk Reduction Principles, we will ensure that risks are minimised and, where possible, avoided by being combated at source.  We also look to adapt technical processes and ensure that safety measures and a coherent fire prevention policy is adequately displayed.
  4. Record the Fire Risk Assessment information as these findings must be recorded, by law, in certain circumstances.  The information required to be recorded includes findings from the Fire Risk Assessment and measures that have been implemented as a result of the findings.
  5. Review the Fire Risk Assessment at regular intervals. This could be because a long period has elapsed since it was undertaken, or a significant change has been made to the structure or use of your premises.

1st Choice Fire Protection Services will ensure that your Fire Safety Assessments are safely carried out and reviewed at regular intervals.

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Contact 1st Choice Fire Protection Services 

Contact us by e-mail, telephone or social media.