Under Scottish law, every business and public building must complete fire safety risk assessments. These should be reviewed regularly, so they are up-to-date. Different companies and businesses need different risk assessments.  Therefore, while companies can complete risk assessments themselves, they may need support. 1st Choice Fire Protection, for example, complete Fire Risk Assessments in Edinburgh for a range of companies.

Why Complete Fire Risk Assessments in Edinburgh?

Fire risk assessments are an important part of a building’s overall health and safety processes. They keep employees and visitors safe from harm. In addition, they protect business and building owners from claims as a result of injury or property damage.

How to write a fire risk assessment

Fire risk assessments identify fire hazards and people at risk. Fire hazards include sources of ignition and substances that burn in addition to clutter and debris. People at risk include employees, visitors and members of the general public. All findings must be recorded and, most importantly, a date to review the risk assessment agreed.

Fire Safety Measures

Fire safety measures remove or reduce the risk of fire. Firstly, the should be outlined in a plan that includes:

  • Exit routes and an emergency fire evacuation plan, including how vulnerable people will be evacuated
  • Fire detection and warning systems
  • Fire safety equipment
  • Safe storage of substances

Secondly, staff must have training in how to respond to a fire, including exiting the building safely.

Completing an assessment

Templates are available online for risk assessments. However, for those who have not completed one before, it’s a good idea to get expert advice. 1st Choice Fire Protection are experts in fire risk assessments. In fact, we conduct many fire risk assessments in Edinburgh and across Scotland throughout the year. All of which are comprehensive and full of easy to follow advice. Contact them today at https://1stchoicefire.co.uk/contact/.