Getting a reliable and professionally trained fire safety consultant is important. They help ensure the safety of you and your staff against the possibility of a fire. 1st Choice Fire Protection, a fire safety consultant Scotland, shares its five-step process showing how they can help you here:

Fire Risk Assessment: a 5-step process

It’s important to make a full and thorough evaluation to ensures the complete protection for you and your staff from the danger of fire.

Firstly, the Fire Safety Consultant Scotland identifies the people at risk – including visitors. It’s important to consider how capable they are of escaping a potential fire. Those who are less able will be at the most risk.

Secondly, the team identifies the fire hazards on site. As a precaution, this includes all features that might catch fire, for example, fuel, combustible materials and oxygen. Identifying and reducing these sources reduce the chance of fire.

Thirdly, the team will then evaluate the risks and measures in place. This is where 1st Choice Fire looks at how to adapt the business processes to ensure safety plans and policies are in place and visible to employees.

Then the team will record their findings and the features implemented at the time of the Fire Risk Assessment.

Finally, the team will update the Fire Risk Assessment at regular intervals. This could be due to changes in your premises or simply because it’s been a long time since the last assessment.

Fire Safety Consultant Scotland

The team that carry out the Fire Risk Assessments are your fire safety consultants. They carry out assessment and supply life-saving equipment. In addition to this, they offer staff professional and controlled fire safety training. Being conveniently located near you in Lothian, the first safety consultants will bring their services to you.

They can show you how to safely use fire extinguishers and teach onsite fire marshals to undertake fire drills. As well as increase fire safety awareness in the workplace.

Did you know it’s your responsibility as an employer to ensure fire risk assessments are carried out? You will be the one who is liable when things go wrong. To speak to a Fire Safety Consultant Scotland or to receive a free service quote, contact us today.