At 1st Choice Fire Protection, we want to help as many businesses as possible lower the risk of fire. As well as this, we want to help premises lessen the impact of the devastating effects of fire, should the worst happen. 1st Choice Fire Protection offers a range of fire safety equipment Edinburgh. Equipment to help keep your premises protected and low-risk in the event of a fire.

Fire Safety Equipment Edinburgh – What Your Business Needs To Consider

Fire Alarm Systems

There are many different fire alarm systems available. The right fire alarm for you will depend on the building structure. It may also depend o how you use the building and the purpose of the premises. As well as this, the current legislation for your area will play a part. Typically fire alarm systems will work with a ‘break glass’ component, where someone will manually sound the alarm if they detect smoke or a fire.

Fire alarm systems may include a wireless system that alerts the nearest fire brigade. As well as this, they can inform a remote security company if applicable. Fire alarm systems are growing increasingly high-tech to help support your business. They help to reduce the risk and spread of fire as much as possible.

At 1st Choice Fire Protection, we offer a free consultation where we can determine your fire alarm needs and propose the best options to suit you.

Fire extinguishers

Another essential aspect of fire safety equipment that your business needs are fire extinguishers. Fire extinguishers can help your team to tackle small fires before they spread when it is safe to do so. There are six different classifications of fire with appropriate fire extinguishers to suit each type.

1st Choice Fire Protection will discuss the potential risk of the various fires in your premises and make suggestions about the best extinguishers for your needs.

Free consultation for fire safety equipment Edinburgh

Whatever fire safety equipment Edinburgh that your business needs, we can help. Get in touch for your free consultation.