Ensuring your employees know what to do in the event of a fire is vital for businesses. We specialise in providing professional and controlled the fire safety training Scotland needs and help businesses ensure they have up to date training record for their employees. 1st Choice Fire Protection provide professional and controlled training. This is in addition to us supplying and fitting first-class, life-saving fire safety equipment.

With the right fire safety training your staff can act safely and responsibly even in difficult circumstances. You need to feel confident and in control of your procedures in case of fire. As a part of good health and safety management, you must have procedures in place should a fire break out. Furthermore, You are fully accountable for undertaking fire risks assessment and implementing appropriate controls. These controls usually include proper staff training.

1st Choice Fire Protection for Fire Safety Training

We offer an extensive range of fire training programmes to help your business meet its training needs. Our programmes are an effective way of demonstrating your business’ commitment to effective fire safety training, and our courses cover a range of valuable topics, including:

  • Fire safety awareness in the workplace
  • Fire safety for fire marshals
  • Safe use of fire extinguishers
  • Identifying and choosing the correct first extinguishers

Our Professional Experience

1st Choice Fire Protection Services provide fire safety training, equipment and engineering staff across Scotland. We can also help your business meet its compliance goals for fire safety.

We are a leading organisation in the field of fire and safety in the workplace. Our fire safety engineers and consultants can help with awareness, evacuation, and utilisation of equipment. Whether you are the selected fire marshal for your business, or you need to train up your staff on fire safety, we can help.

Whatever your requirements, we will help your business however you need when it comes to fire safety and awareness. We can provide options for a one-off training course or refresher course depending on your needs. Our courses are easy to adapt to individual businesses and we can work with you to ensure our training is appropriate for your premises and business activities.

Get in touch today to discuss your fire safety needs.