Fire Safety Training Scottish Borders: What You Need To Know

The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service attended over 26,000 fires between 2017-2018. While the number of fires is decreasing, it’s still vital that businesses are taking necessary steps to protect themselves. Fire safety training Scottish Borders is one of the easiest ways for businesses to reduce fire risks. The number of accidental fires to break out has also decreased, but there were still nearly 8,000 accidental fire outbreaks throughout the country.

What Is Fire Safety Training Scottish Borders?

As a business, it takes a lot more than just placing fire extinguishers throughout your workplace to protect against fire. Full fire safety training Scottish Borders is necessary to protect your place of business and the people within it. You should equip your employees with the knowledge that they need to prevent a fire from occurring.

As well as fire prevention, fire safety training Scottish Borders will teach your staff how to react in the event of a fire.

Fire safety training Scottish Borders and across the country will teach workers the steps they must take to keep their workplace safe. This includes essential training such as how to prevent electrical fires in offices or how to properly store combustible materials. Your staff will learn how to use fire safety equipment such as fire extinguishers and fire blankets. We also teach about when is an appropriate time to use these and when they should evacuate away from a fire.

Why Is Fire Safety Training Important?

Every business in Scotland and throughout the UK is legally required to act to protect against fire. You will need to conduct regular fire risk assessments within the workplace, and all staff must have fire safety training. Not having a robust fire prevention plan in place can put the lives of your employees and customers at risk. As well as pose a large threat to your business.

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