For any business in Edinburgh (or non-domestic property), it is a legal requirement to conduct a fire risk assessment. Furthermore, if there are five or more main regular occupants in the building, then this fire risk assessment Edinburgh must be written down. Have you booked a fire risk assessment Edinburgh? Then, to ensure your business is legally compliant, then how best should you prepare?

Steps to prepare for a fire risk assessment Edinburgh

  1. Know the legislation

For a fire risk assessment, a competent person who will complete the evaluation will use the appropriate legislation. The appropriate legislation is the Fire (Scotland) Act 2005.  It is important to be aware of different legislation for England and Scotland. In England, the appropriate legislation is the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. There are several differences between the two, so it is important to follow the correct legislation.

  1. Prepare your staff

It is wise to inform your employees and the occupants of the building that a fire risk assessment is taking place. This allows staff to ask any questions. Furthermore, it ensures that they are prepared for the assessment and that an external party may inspect their workplace.

  1. Create a team for action

It is likely that the fire risk assessment Edinburgh will uncover some changes and recommendations. These will need to be put in place to not only conform to the legislation but improve the fire safety for your business. To ensure you are able to make the necessary changes, prepare a team who will be responsible for actioning any recommendations.

Book your fire risk assessment Edinburgh

If you have had a recent near miss, a change in the level of risk, have changed the layout of your premise or significant time has passed, then it is time for a fire risk assessment. Book your fire risk assessment Edinburgh with 1st Choice Fire Protection by getting in touch.