Like all businesses, hotels require insurance to protect themselves from losses and accidents. Hotel insurance comes in many different forms, and so understanding the terms and requirements is vital. Because fire is one of the biggest concerns among hotel owners, insurance policies usually cover fire incidents. Most hotel insurance policies will specify the information on fire safety equipment, and not following this can make policies invalid.

It is vital that you correctly understand your requirements when it comes to your insurance policy, so be sure to read the fine print.

Fire Safety Equipment For Hotels

The majority of hotel insurance policies will state that adequate fire precautions must be in place. This generally includes;

  • Fire extinguishers
  • Smoke detectors
  • Fire alarms
  • Fire blankets
  • Heat detectors

Depending on the size of the building and the number of hotel guests, multiple fire detectors will be required. In addition to this, there must be clearly signed escape routes. Hotel insurance policies sometimes stipulate that special attention and fire safety equipment should be used in areas such as the kitchen. All fire safety equipment must be checked on a regular basis because it is vital to make sure it is in good working order.

Hotel Furnishings

As well as appropriate fire safety equipment, hotels must also ensure furnishings are adequate. Many insurance policies will specify that upholstered furnishings should be fire-resistant and so this includes;

  • Beds
  • Mattresses
  • Sofa beds
  • Sofas
  • Armchairs
  • Cushions
  • Chairs
  • Seating pads
  • Headboards

Fire-resistant furniture will feature a symbol to indicate that it is fire resistant. If a hotel has furniture that is not fire-resistant, then the insurance policy might become invalid.

Here at 1st Choice Fire Protection, we can help hotel owners and businesses ensure they are meeting all requirements of insurance policies. We can supply and maintain fire safety equipment for hotels in Scotland of all sizes. If you’d like to know more, get in touch for a free consultation.