Regularly there are new developments in fire safety news. We like to share updates with our audience to have the latest information. The National Fire Chiefs Council announced the publication of the Safeguarding Fire Standard by the Fire Standards Board. This new publication provides a guideline for fire safety professionals. It ensures service providers are doing all they can to promote safeguarding amongst their staff and local communities. With this standard for the fire service, it is even more important that businesses and communities do their part to be as fire safe as possible.

The Safeguarding Fire Standard aims to ensure that fire and rescue services are doing all that they can to support and promote the safeguarding of those within their communities, employees, and volunteers.

It was published alongside the NFCC Safeguarding Guidance for Children, Young People and Adults, and the NFCC Self-Assessment Toolkit. Speaking on behalf of the National Fire Chiefs Council, chairman Mark Hardingham said: “I am pleased to be able to welcome the Safeguarding Fire Standard, which has been designed to assist fire and rescue services in promoting the safeguarding of others, reducing the risk of abuse, harm and neglect.”

The Standard helps to ensure firefighters and those working around them maintain certain levels of service and standard, so business owners should consider their role too. The latest fire safety news impacts everyone, not just those in the fire service.

Your Business and Fire Safety

The Health and Safety at Work Act states that it is the employer’s duty to ensure that staff and anybody else who may be affected by the actions of your business stays safe whilst under your management. Dependent on where an organisation is based, they may have sole responsibility for fire safety, or it might be shared. For example, you would share fire safety responsibility in a shared office block. However, you are still fully responsible for your employees. Not following fire safety regulations properly is dangerous and has serious consequences.

Fire departments can fine organisations that do not comply with the law. For example, the well-publicised case of the fatal fire at the Cameron House Hotel saw the firm fined £500,000 for breaches of fire legislation in 2017. While this is at the steeper end of the fines, it is still something no business can afford to ignore, especially if your lack of care or safety leads to people losing their lives. Employers are responsible for the following fire safety essentials:

  1. Full fire risk assessments that are reviewed regularly
  2. Ensuring employees are aware of fire risks in the workplace
  3. The introduction and maintenance of fire safety measures
  4. Ensuring employees have appropriate fire safety training
  5. Putting an emergency plan in place should a fire break out

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