The extent of fire risk in the average business has greatly increased as electricity has become so important to us. Many organisations are almost entirely dependent on electrical equipment to remain fully operational.  1st Choice Fire Protection Services provide the fire safety services Scotland needs its businesses to invest in to be safe. 1st Choice works with you and your business to protect your property and business premises.

We are a local business based in the Scottish Borders. Our customers benefit from our bespoke fire protection services.  We offer free no-obligation on-site surveys for all businesses looking to consider their fire safety provision and the required service level.

We are a registered member of the UK Fire Association and comply with the latest fire legislation to protect our customers’ businesses.

Why choose 1st Choice Fire Protection?

We understand that the safety of your staff and your premises are important to you.  Everyone of of our employees takes fire safety seriously. It is the heart of our business. We work with you to find the right fire safety equipment to match the individual requirements of your premises. We offer the following services:

Fire Equipment

We supply your business with all the necessary firefighting equipment. Our service can also supply across multiple sites and ensure the right equipment is available in the right place.  Combating a fire should you need to do so is crucial.  You must also comply with the Fire Scotland Act because this is a legal requirement.

Fire Safety Training

Our specialists don’t just supply and fit first-class fire safety equipment.  We can also offer you and your staff a range of professional and controlled fire safety training. Fire safety training provides peace of mind. Furthermore, it is vital for safe working environments and protecting your people in the event of a fire.

Fire Risk Assessment

Our services include undertaking on-site fire safety risk assessments to ensure that your premises are safe.  We can carry out fire risk assessments on your behalf and give you specific recommendations on how and where to improve.

All our team members are fully qualified and highly experienced. They are also well versed in the latest health and safety regulations. We aim to ensure that your premises are as safe as can be at all times.

Get in Touch for Fire Safety Services Scotland

All our work is carried out to the highest standards. Our expert team are on hand to discuss our range of fire protection services.  Contact us today to discuss your business needs and learn more about our services.