Do you know how often your fire risk assessment should be reviewed? It is important you regularly update and review your fire risk assessments Scotland to comply with law. The law states all business premises need to have a fire risk assessment conducted regularly. This is the foundation for all your fire safety plans.

Time frames for risk assessments Scotland

There is no set timescale for fire risk assessment. The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 does not define any specific time frame. All it states is that risk assessments must be kept up to date. Therefore, if any change takes place in the workplace, it is a legal requirement that you to carry out another fire risk assessment.

Working with experienced and professional fire safety experts like our team can ensure your assessments are thorough, comprehensive and meet the legislative requirements.

Scenarios requiring a new fire risk assessment

Many people do not realise how much their premises change over time. However, changes may be less significant than you think and you may be following an out-of-date fire safety strategy without even knowing it.

We recommend an annual review of your fire safety to ensure you take into account any changes. The main reasons you may need a new fire risk assessment include:

  1. New activities take place on premises
  2. There are changes to occupancy levels
  3. Staff numbers are different
  4. There have been changes and alterations to the building’s layout

You will also need to update your assessment if any changes to legislation take place. Working with professionals like us makes the process easy because we are always abreast of any changes and committed to working compliantly.

Stay safe with regular risk assessment

The process of risk assessment can be laborious, especially if you are not an expert. However, the annual review is vital for ensuring your business really is operating safely and within the law. Negligence in any area of health and safety can be catastrophic and a safe work environment is also a basic right for your employees.

Working with professionals for fire risk assessments Scotland

At 1st Choice Fire Protection Services we take fire safety very seriously. We are here to help ensure your business is running compliantly and operates as safely as possible. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help your business.