Are You Meeting Your Fire Safety Obligations?

The laws around fire safety are unambiguous. Every employer has a responsibility to carry out an appropriate fire risk assessment for business in Scotland. Here’s what the law requires from you.

Requirements For Businesses

The duty holder on every premises is responsible for carrying out a fire risk assessment. The duty holder may be the business holder or any person who has control over the premises. This may be the building owner or the occupier. If in doubt, you should seek clarification and ensure that a risk assessment is in place.

A fire risk assessment for business in Scotland needs to consider the risk to all relevant persons. It needs to identify all possible risks and highlight any that can be reduced or removed entirely.

You need to minimise any risks that remain. So, you may need to add safety signage, install fire extinguishers and sprinkler systems, or simply educate your staff.

All the action you need to take to keep your business safe will come from your fire risk assessment. That’s why a competent person must complete your risk assessment. A standard form is not sufficient. So you need a specialised report for your premises.

Fire Risk Assessment For Business In Scotland

If you want to be sure that your risk assessment is fit for purpose, then you should use a professional fire safety service. No matter where you are in Scotland, 1st Choice Fire will be able to help you. 

They have experienced and qualified inspectors. So you can trust that they will be able to complete your risk assessment correctly. They will then provide you with the information you need to take appropriate action. If you follow their guidance, you can have peace of mind that you are keeping all your employees safe and that you are discharging your legal obligation as well.

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