Business owners and managers in the UK must ensure they have up to date fire safety procedures in place. You have a duty to comply with UK fire safety regulations. There are serious consequences for not complying with the law.

Understanding who is responsible for fire safety and how to comply with regulations is vital for any reputable business.

Who is responsible for your business fire precautions?

Anyone who owns a non-domestic premises, is an employer, landlord or occupier or controls a business premises can be defined as the responsible person. The responsible person is accountable for safety procedures including fire precautions.

Some businesses and premises have multiple responsible persons. Therefore, you may need to work together to ensure regulatory requirements remain a priority.

Fire protection and safety duties

As the responsible person you must maintain a number of vital precautions. All businesses with more than four employees must keep a written fire risk assessment, although it is also a good idea to do this if you employ fewer staff. A fire risk assessment forms the basis of all fire safety procedures and preventative actions.

The risk assessment is the basic provision for all safety measures and allows you to ensure you have the right protocols in place. Other essentials such as fire equipment and fire training should be properly recorded within the risk assessment.

One of the most important things to remember about your risk assessment is that it is not static. Any changes to your premises, personnel or any element of your business mean you should review and reassess your risk assessments fully.

Consequences of ignoring fire safety law

Legislation to protect your premises and people from the risk of fire is there to help. You can afford to ignore it. The consequences of ignoring the legislation can be extremely serious. In the most severe cases business owners can face prosecution. You may also find your business insurance is void and there is the risk of a large fine and possibly a prison sentence. It is not worth the risk.

Professional Help with Fire Protection

At 1st Choice Fire Protection Services we specialise in the highest levels of support and guidance for businesses with their fire precautions, equipment and risk assessments. We can work with you to ensure you comply with the law and meet all necessary requirements. Get in touch and we can assess your premises for its safety.