Every year, thousands of fires break out in businesses across the UK, and despite the legal obligations for business owners to provide fire safety training and equipment, fires do still occur. As a business owner, it is vital that you take fire prevention measures seriously, as the outbreak of a fire can be devastating to both buildings and people. One requirement for businesses in Scotland and the rest of the UK is to keep fire extinguishers in a good working order through fire extinguisher servicing Scotland.


Why do you need fire extinguisher servicing Scotland?

The law requires that fire extinguishers within a business must be present and regularly serviced to ensure they are always in a good working order. While this might seem like a mundane task, it is essential that all fire extinguishers work as they should in the event of a fire. Fire extinguisher servicing Scotland must be completed on site by a competent person, as required by law. This service is a thorough check of the equipment to ensure that they are fit for purpose. After a fire extinguisher service Scotland, you will be provided with a certificate to show they are fully compliant with fire regulations.

How often do you need fire extinguisher servicing Scotland?

Businesses should maintain their fire extinguishers so that they are in good working order. It is important to carry out a monthly visual check to check the pressure gauge. As well as this monthly check, businesses should plan a service for fire extinguishers at least once a year by a competent person. This service will include checking the date on the fire extinguisher and ensuring there is no tampering. Furthermore, that it is in good working order. The fire extinguisher will also be the correct weight and pressure, and with the right signage is in place. We recommend to replace fire extinguishers or to give them an extended service every five years, At the end of a service, we will provide advice on replacing and refilling.