Every owner and manager of a non-residential building in Scotland is responsible for keeping their staff and visitors safe under the Fire (Scotland) Act 2005 and Fire Safety (Scotland) Regulations. As not all these buildings house businesses, however, there can be confusion of what classes as a non-residential building. However, for fire safety, it is essential to have the necessary fire extinguishers for non-residential buildings in Scotland.

What is a non-residential building?

In general, any building where people stay overnight that is not their home is a non-residential property. These include:

  • Homes or institutions providing residential accommodation for children.
  • Halls of residence for students.
  • Homes, including care homes, for people receiving personal care due to their age, disability, substance use issues or mental health problems.
  • Hospitals or hospices.
  • Prisons or other property that house (ex)offenders.
  • Hotels, hostels, inns or other properties which house guests.

Many non-residential properties have large numbers of rooms. As a result, they have higher levels of fire risk when compared to other businesses. For example, students are likely to use laptops, tablets and mobiles phones. These will have cords and cables that may not be PAC tested, increasing the risk of electrical fires.

Fire Safety in non-residential buildings

Because of the higher risks of fire, owners and managers of non-residential properties, need to carry out regular risk assessments. This includes making sure their staff receive fire safety training and that they have the correct fire-fighting equipment in place. Of these, perhaps the most important is checking they have the right fire extinguishers.

Depending on the type of non-residential setting, however, they could need a different type of fire extinguishers. For example, wood, paper and cloth fires need water extinguishers.  In addition, all extinguishers must comply with BS EN3:1996.

Where to Buy Fire Extinguishers for Non-Residential Buildings in Scotland

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