For any business, it is essential to conduct a fire risk assessment. In fact, for businesses with five workers or more, it is a legal requirement to keep a written fire risk assessment. A fire risk assessment can help you to identify the actions to put in place to keep people safe in the event of a fire. It can also help to prevent a fire from occurring in the first place. At 1st Choice Fire Protection, we can conduct a fire risk assessment Edinburgh for your business and peace of mind.

How we conduct a fire risk assessment Edinburgh

Our team are experts in fire safety and receive regular training for conducting fire risk assessments. We focus on providing fire risk assessment Edinburgh and across Scotland for businesses and organisations. We follow the recommended five-step plan to ensure we cover every hazard and risk.

Firstly, we complete a thorough site walk-through where we can identify all of the potential fire hazards.

We will then get to know your business and understand all of the people who are at risk. This will include the number of people in your organisation as well as understanding the visitors and contractors that use your site.

Thirdly, we will begin to evaluate the risks. We can discuss the ways that your organisation can reduce or remove these risks where necessary.

After evaluating, we then record the findings. We then prepare you with an emergency plan. Furthermore, we give you a list of potential improvement measures, such as fire safety training.

We can then work with your organisation to continue to review and update the fire risk assessment on a regular basis.

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