A fire risk assessment Edinburgh is essential for all business premises and commercial residential properties, such as a block of flats. The fire risk assessment then becomes the foundation of the fire safety plan. So, what do you need to know about a fire risk assessment? Here are the myths and facts that you need to know about a fire risk assessment Edinburgh.

What You Need To Know About A Fire Risk Assessment Edinburgh

Myth: Fire Risk Assessment Must Be Written Down

While it can help to have the fire risk assessment written down to help with the planning of fire safety, it is not always necessary. For businesses or buildings with fewer than five regular occupants, then it is not always necessary to write the assessment down and document it.

However, if you have more than five occupants, then it is a legal requirement to write the fire risk assessment down and carefully document the results. Usually, having it written down is more helpful and can assist with the communication of the findings too.

Fact: It Is A Legal Requirement

As well as being a legal requirement to conduct a fire risk assessment, there are also specific guidelines that you should also follow. Some of the guidelines to act upon include; ensuring that you regularly review the fire risk assessment. Reviews should take place at least every year with a brand-new assessment after five years. You should also complete a fire risk assessment if an aspect of the fabric of the building changes too. This could include the layout or use of the business.

Myth: You Only Need To Conduct A Fire Risk Assessment

As well as conducting a fire risk assessment Edinburgh, you must also take action for any areas that need improvements. At 1st Choice Fire Protection, we can offer fire risk assessments and offer our expert opinion for recommendations of steps you can take.

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