Your premises must be safe for you, your employees and visitors. To ensure that your sites are safe, our services include undertaking a Fire Risk Assessment in Scotland. This takes place on your grounds and is implemented by experienced and highly qualified personnel.

We will establish what kind of activities are carried out there and the risks of a fire occurring. In addition, we will also review the harm that the activities could cause. Furthermore, we will take the time to understand you.  Understanding your business and what needs to be implemented to keep you compliant is imperative so we can advise you effectively.

Legislation for Fire Risk Assessments in Scotland

The responsibility for fire safety lies with the Business Employer, Manager or Owner. These people are deemed as the “Responsible Person” under law.

The legislation to be followed is specific by region so we would draw your attention to the following.

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005
Scotland The Fire (Scotland) Act 2005
Fire Safety Scotland Regulations 2006

The legislation also states that it is a legal requirement for the majority of UK businesses to undertake a fire risk assessment. This will identify fire hazards and people at risk so actions can be taken.

It is the Responsible Person’s duty to ensure your Fire Risk Assessments in Scotland are carried out by a “Competent Person”. This is defined as someone who has had sufficient training and has good experience or knowledge of fire safety.

What Is a Fire Risk Assessment?

A Fire Risk Assessment follows a 5-step process allowing us to make a full and thorough evaluation on how to protect you and your staff from the danger of fire.  This process is clearly laid out so you can easily see what will be undertaken.  We keep it simple because the law itself is complicated but an easy to follow process removes some of the complexities.

Identify people at risk from fire, including employees and visitors
Identify fire hazards within your premises including possible sources of ignition
Evaluate the risks and assess existing fire safety measures on your premises
Record the Fire Risk Assessment information as these findings must be recorded, by law, in certain circumstances
Review the Fire Risk Assessment at regular intervals

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1st Choice Fire Protection Services will ensure that your Fire Safety Assessments are safely carried out and reviewed at regular intervals. We are experts in fire safety and train regularly to ensure we are following the latest legislation so you have complete peace of mind. You can read more about us here. Our full range of services can also be found here.

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