In law, every business and public building in Scotland must have fire safety equipment installed. This applies whether the business is a shop, restaurant, café or care home. And it applies whether the building is a community centre, government office, or school. For those needing fire safety equipment installed in Edinburgh, Scottish-based 1st Choice Fire Protection helps with legal compliance.


Installing the right fire safety equipment isn’t just important for complying with the law, however. It keeps people and property safe. To confirm requirements, every building and business must complete a risk assessment. However, the fire extinguisher is the most important piece of equipment.


Fire extinguishers must comply with specific regulations and be replaced every five to ten years. However, replacement times depend on the type of extinguisher. Furthermore, fire extinguishers need to be checked annually. A lot of companies don’t do this. As a result, they put themselves, their employees, and the public at risk. A qualified engineer must carry out safety checks. In addition, all staff must receive training in fire safety. Training includes how to respond to a fire and exit a building safely.

Many businesses and buildings use the wrong type of equipment. As a result, the risk increases. For example, the wrong fire extinguisher can feed a fire, not put it out. There are three types of fire extinguisher:

  • A water extinguisher for wood, paper and cloth
  • A dry powder or foam extinguisher for flammable liquids
  • A CO2 extinguisher for electrical fires

An engineer can advise on which is the right one to use.

Are you looking for fire safety equipment installed in Edinburgh?

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