Your business needs to do all it can to protect its people from the risk of fire. It is a legal requirement you have the appropriate fire safety equipment available to prevent and protect against fire. At 1st Choice Fire Protection Services we provide the fire safety equipment Scotland and its businesses need.

We know exactly what each business needs to be compliant and safe and will work with you to supply the right fire safety equipment.

Legal Fire Safety Requirements

You must have the right fire safety equipment to comply with Scottish and UK law. However, you should also recognise its importance in keeping your people safe. A duty of care to your employees and those who visit your premises should be a priority for all business owners. Knowing the right equipment for your business is not necessarily something you just understand. Therefore, working with specialists in this field is particularly important. We can help you comply with your legal requirements and keep your people safe. Every building and business needs a fire risk assessment to ascertain the correct fire safety equipment.

Fire Extinguishers for Scottish Businesses

Fire extinguishers must comply with specific regulations. They  must also be replaced every five to ten years. However, replacement times depend on the type of extinguisher. Furthermore, fire extinguishers need to be checked annually and serviced. We can help do this for your business. A qualified engineer must carry out safety checks. In addition, all staff must receive training in fire safety. This is another area where our specialist teams can help.

Many businesses and buildings use the wrong type of equipment. As a result, the create a higher risk in the invent of fire. For example, the wrong fire extinguisher can feed a fire, not put it out. There are many different types of fire extinguisher and an engineer can help you ensure you have the right ones for your business.

Fire Safety Equipment Scotland: Supply and Delivery

1st Choice Fire Protection Services can source, supply and install all the fire equipment your Scottish business needs. All of the equipment we supply is covered by the appropriate safety standards. We also test and ensure all equipment is properly installed and ready for use in the event of a fire. Our range of equipment covers all business requirements from our range of fire extinguishers to safety signs and alarms. Get in touch today to discuss your business and its fire safety requirements.