1st Choice Fire Protection is your perfect partner for high-quality fire safety services Scotland. We can help you understand exactly what you need to comply with fire safety in Scotland. You may know exactly what you’re looking for. However, many of our customers need guidance to ensure they have the right level of fire protection to comply with law.

We are a family run business with over 20 years of experience in the fire protection sector. We work with businesses around Scotland helping to improve their fire protection provision. The fire safety services Scotland needs are available right here with 1st Choice. Furthermore, we are registered members of the UK Fire Association,  so we are a partner you can trust.

What Fire Protection Services Do I Need?

Businesses have to protect their customers, employees and anyone associated with their business from the risk of fire.

The services in our range fall into three main categories:

  1. Fire equipment
  2. Fire safety training
  3. Fire risk assessment

Each of these services is vital for any business that wants to meet compliance regulations. Let’s look at each in turn:

1.     Fire Equipment

Your business has to have the fire fighting equipment available in case of fire. The right equipment for your premises will depend on your business activities. We can help you choose the right fire equipment from our range. The equipment available includes different kinds of fire extinguisher and related accessories such as stands and trolleys. We can also supply fire alarms, blankets and the required fire safety signage needed to comply with the Fire Scotland Act and other legislation.

2.     Fire Safety Training

Employers have an obligation to ensure all workers have adequate fire safety training. We can help you to do this with our range of professional fire safety training courses. Furthermore, professional courses ensure a good standard is met. It can also help your employees feel more confident and able to make the right decisions in the event of a fire. Our four fire safety training courses are:

  1. Safe use of fire extinguishers
  2. How to identify different fire extinguishers
  3. Fire safety awareness at work
  4. Fire safety for fire Marshals

3.     Fire Risk Assessment

Fire risk assessment is a mandatory requirement in almost all Scottish businesses. You must have a risk assessment in place to ensure you meet the standards of the regulations and do not risk any penalties or even closure. Our experienced and professional personnel are qualified to carry out fire safety risk assessments on your premises.

1st Choice Fire for Fire Safety Services Scotland

If you need any fire protection or safety services for your Scottish business, we’re here to help. Get in touch today and our team will help arrange the right services for your needs.

Photo by Pew Nguyen: https://www.pexels.com/photo/red-fire-hose-box-on-focus-photo-241025/